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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 6, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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thanked jackson for all he'd done for the team. but they want to move in a different direction. >> we felt it was time to make a change. >> warriors general manager told reporters firing head coach was not an easy decision. but one that he and team owners felt had to be made. >> every stigs is with the believe it's÷ú going to help us win. >> saying the meeting was cordialn a tweet, wrote, thanks to my players i love you we accomplished a lot together i wish you all the best. god bless. >> for fans it was more difficult tovim swallow coming t days after jackson led the team to its÷ú second playoff experience. >> being a long time fan it's
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been bad he showedñr success. i don't get it. >> the firing after players made public statements in support of jackson. >> what coach has gone through this year, it's been unlike anything i've seen. i love coach you know? more than anyone. i think for him to be in a situation with his job is under scrutiny and question, it is unfair. >> in the end according to meyers the decision was made by executive was out input from players+ including stephan cur. >> fans should understand they need to trust us and maybe they do, maybe they don't it's our job to prove it >> despite reports meyers told warriors they have begun a search for a new head coach.
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>> abc7ç news larry beil is he now with insight into why this happened. >> yes. this is really a combination, maybe a better word with be combustion of results and relationships and it went up. results that were good, but not good enough for the ownership. a lack of trust on both sides made it difficult for them to see it going forward together. the owner is very hands on and believed warriors were on the verge of championship contention. and felt they needed to make changes and jackson resisted that thought. both very strong willed and passionate. neither willing to concede. the owner win that's argument 100 times out of 100. two assistants were let go during the year, and this created a lack of trust. and things deteriorated from
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there. there were some other issues. the son, assistant general manager. >> it won't be smoothed over. also, now we have to give jackson a lot of cred yichlt a lot of credit for taking a wretched team and turning warriors into a relevant franchise in the nba. players had no other choice, they're professionals and get paid but he must get this next hire right. and this is a job a lot of coaches would love to have. we'll talk about perceived candidates coming up in sports. >> thank you. >> miami police just released two emergency calls made touring incident involving a mystery woman and 49ers quarterbackb
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collin kaepnernick one call perfect a man identified himself as hotel security. a second says he's from the seattle sea hawks and tells police the woman in his,0ñ hote apartment refuses to leave. >> what is she wear something >> she's without clothes on and in the bed. >> she's naked in the bed? >> waiting for her boyfriend? is that it? >> no.ç no. she's just someone that she wants to sleep with. >> the woman told police she wound up in the hospital after kissing çókaepernick, undressin his n.his room then passing out. information indicates kaepernick may left the apartment before the woman refused to leave and the friends called 911. no one has been charged in this case >> video a south bay teen's story he survived a flight to hawaii hiddenñi in the wheel
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it is believed to be the 15-year-old after he endured subzero temperatures. he returned to the bay area and probably stowed away in order to get to his mother in africa. they want to speak to him about how he breeched security. he is in the custody of child protective services. >> kfns been a year in the making but people and government of sonoma county weighed in publicly about an embattled supervisor. he was accused by acquittedñi o peeking into the apartment of a neighbor. he has a major public image problem. >> this morning a modern day
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equivalent of a publicym stonin. with words. he sat and took it. >> you said you're sorry. . he has brought nothing but shame to what was an honorable position. >> just eight days ago. acquitted carrillo. he peeked into a neighbor's apartment wearing only boxer briefs and socks he testified that he was hoping for sex. the jury had a say. >> you lurked. and trespassed and terrorized. >> i couldn't believe what i had heard. i was furious. >> the supervisor said he regrets the incident. he's a changed man, a recovering alcoholic. still, the board asked him to
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resign today. >> in a society where brown skinned men carry all sorts ofe stereo types and prejudices being fuelled in this per sipgss. those who demand i give up officeñi to which voters elect immediate will be disappointed i have no intentions to resign. >> nor can the board force him to resignjnny >> we have to hold our elected officials to a higher stan yard going to have faith in elected leaders again. >> the supervisor did not speak with reporters but left for lunch. the question now, will his constituents try to recall him? >> now police searching for a fá gunman after a possible road rage shooting in san jose.
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the road was shult down and police say a vehicle turned out of the park and nearly collided with a car on center street. >> the victim vehicle swerved to avoid the collision. then stopped in the middel of the the victim was hit and rushed to the hospital. >> well, san francisco firexd officials released newqg# detai about that massive construction fire two months ago in the mission bay neighborhood.u! investigators previously said the fire began with a hot or smoldering object and the new report says it appears either sparks from welding on the roof or embers came into contact with their wood
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the caused 40 million in damage. >> an apartment mix up led to the shooting death of a man when he ended up in the wrong unit of his building it happened late saturday night the 26-year-old yernted a unit on the third floor insteved his home on the fifth. they say justice can only be delivered at the hands of a judge and jury, but only if the district attorney decides to press charges i got a phone call less than 30 secondingo. they told me they're notç pressing charges. >> 18 years ago he moved into this apartment building after imgreating from the philippines. around 1:40 saturday morning he returned home from an evening out. instead of going to the door of his unit he approached the
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identical door on the third floor. in a press release, police say he was in the apartment but told abc7 news they're not dis-losing the location of where he was shot. >> a reasonable man would have seen stephanç is small.r nonviolent. he's short in stature. you know? this is not a situation where a man would have felt threatened.r >> the 68-year-old is currently being held on suspicion of murder. his family asked to apply political pressure ask get the district attorney to press charges. >> we loved him. he was a nice man. if he let the killer free, imagine the fear. >> whatever9tt do don't bring him back >> bring this man to justice.
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>> let the jury decide. >> now, again, the district attorney's office has just released that they have discharged this case pending further investigation the 68-year-old man is still in jail but is expected to be released very soon. >> thank you >> a sign of the times for renters. a landlord imposes income requirements most cannot meet. >> what's happening in the freeway overpass that caught fire. >> and a report on climate change and what it could mean for california's economy.
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tillamook sharp cheddar, tastes better because it's made better. tenants of one building are complaining the landlord has gone too far, making a demand that appears to be against the law. we are live with the story tonight. leanne? >> reporter: well, you know one letter got our attention the landlord was demanding that anyone living in that building behind me had to be making at least $100,000 a year. i said was because he had not done his home work. there was this letter send to residents stating minimum yearly
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income of every new or current resident should be at least $100,000 but housing rights advocates told us the landlord can't do that to existing tenants. >> they cannot require to provide income verification. or not meeting checks. >> this afternoon, the owner of the apartments handed out a second letter saying he was wrong but most here knew their rights. >> someok÷ú tenants complained just another tactic used by the ownernb to force people out. this woman has been in her apartment 20 years and pays less than $1,000 a month. if you go across the street a one bedroom rents for more than 3,000. >> he can be making more on rent
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control apartments. >> we got no response from shelton. >> can we have a word with you? >> there could be only one person living in a studio though the person has a right toc' ma and bring his or her spouse along. any visitor without id will be arrested as a trespasser residents complained the landlord entered with out giving them a required 24 hour written notice. and the buzzer has not worked in a year. that would be a building code violation the residents should contact department of building inspections. >> they say many are trying to get around the laws in san francisco. abc7 news. >> firefighters want residents to remember that mother's
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day -- pardon me, a different story now. some lanes of a main thoroughfare from california to nevada just reopened minutes ago. all lanes of interstate 15 had crews cleared debris after an overpass fire here. northbound #ç 50-15 opened jus after 6:00 this evening. large portions of the bridge overpass burned in hesperia yesterday afternoon. investigators say thp a construction worker's blow torch ignited that bridge. >> an important update from caltrans tonight on a man for the weekend at golden gate bridge. we told you last night northbound highway one would have to be closed from lake street to the bridge so crews ñtraffic. it had been planned for morning but tonight caltrans postponed thepht project for 24
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hours to sunday from 1:00 a.m until 6:00 a.m . so this will not take place until sunday. >> let's turn our attention to weather. still breezy out there. iet is but nice, pleasant. >> we've had breezes two days in a row. gusts up to 43 miles per hour. but in places now they're calling down just a tad. we still have mainly sunny skies around the bay area. in the sierra we saw some powerful thunderstorms rumbling through the foothills now into central sierra we can see spotty showers moving through. nothing significant. let's take a look at storming clouds over lake tahoe. some blue skies as well. temperatures 60 degrees in san francisco. san jose, gilroy and that is another live view from lovely
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day there, 70 in santa rosa. 71 in fairfield and concord. one more live view from our camera looking at golden gate. mostly sunny skies. there is a slight chance of showers thursday here in the bay area. turning warmer over the weekendç that cold upper level low produced strong winds we've had and unstable conditions over the sierra. that is moving out. a cold front will bring us a slight chance of showers at 5:00 thursday morning we'll see clouds thickening but probably not wet at that hour. later in the day, spotty showers to develop. so this is not añi major rainfa event. but maybe spring showers that will continue into late
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afternoon and evening hours. overnight, this night, look for low temperatures upper 40s to low 50s @6hc upper 60s to low 70s in the south bay.ok 71 santa clara. ñ l city toward palo tomorrow. 66 in downtown san francisco. north bay highs 76 at santa 75 napa. 77 in antioch. 76 fairfield. 76 in walnut ÷úçcreek. here is the accu-weather forecast. after that little brief chance of showers thursday, we dry out on friday. warming up sharply over the weekend. sunday, mother's day looking spectacular. sunny skies, mid-80s inland.
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80s around the bay. we'll see highs into 90s inland. monday andk(-uesday÷ú this, is going to be a warm up. >> toasty. >>p yes. >> coming up next first catch of the salmon season. >> proving there are plenty of fish in the sea.
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the white ous issued an 840 page assessment on climate change today that paints a grim picture. tonight we have some of the findings that are specific to california. >> the conchewingses of the latest report are sobering. over all, scientists find past ten years have been the warmest decades since records have been kept. and temperatures are projected to rise another 2 to 4 degrees in most areas of the united states over the next few decades. >> climb yifrng -- climate change is affecting americans in different ways. if you're in the west you're concerned about drought. >> california's part of the hottest and driest region in the u.s. a report says it will only get hotter ask drier, predicting a hit to tourism. si
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sigh -- saying it could influence everything from the ski industry to lake and irrigation. the report also finds climate change is hazardous to your health. increasing risks of respiratory stress from poor air quality, heat stress and spread of food born and water born diseases. it sounds dire but says it's not too late to prevent the worst of it. >> we're going to have to continue to increase the renewables. we've increased but need to do more. we have to continue to increase our efficiency and transportation sector. >> the president is coming to california tomorrow and his three-day trip ends with an energy event on friday. abc7 news. >> if you'd like to read the report we have it for you on abc7 >> a federal employee is in
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custody after triggering a lock down. secret service says it stopped the car after it trailed a motorcade carrying the president's daughters past barriers on pennsylvania avenue. agents locked down grounds more than an hour police checked the car for explosives the driver has been identified as a 55-year-old matthew goldstein works for the irs. >> in sacramento state senate chief security officer announced his retirement today a cord together sacramento bee he withheld information one of his employees was found with cocaine and marijuana in his system after a shooting. that employee was fired last week. he will retire this summer after 34 years on the job. >> the department of homeland security rejected a design for a driver's license for illegal immigrants because it looks too much like a regular license ask doesn't state it can't be used for federal identification
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the dmv hopes to be able to issue licenses by january 1st. a u.s. team of military and hostage negotiators is on the way to nigeria to help find young girls being held hostage. the nigerian government has not found where they're being hold. believing some have been sold for $12 a piece. >> we know what we would do if it was our kid. and we won't be this calm. we're not that calm. clearly our voices and voices of the civilized world have to rise up louder than the terrorists. >> senator boxer and house minority leader nancy pelosi took part in a moment of silence for the girls today. >> the california hospital
6:33 pm
association and its biggest union tonight announcing what they're calling a historic agreement to work together on improving patient care and say the fighting each other on labor issues. feiu workers west creating a fund to help stabilize the state health care safety net. the lobby for reforms in the medical program for poor and lower income residents. >> we believe this will bring lower premium costs to tens of millions of people in the state. >> as part of the deal union will abandon efforts to place two hospital regulation initiatives before voters in november. >> the oakland zoo taking on a major role in the future health of california condors. the zoo treating a condor suffering from lead poisoning. this is the bird showing off her
6:34 pm
wingspan. she was captured at pinnacles national park. last week the oakland zoo opened a new center which will treat birds from the coast. the codor will stay in the lead drops to safe levels. >> well, it's dinner time this, will make you hungry. a restaurant has been named best in the country. slanted door on the water front was honored with the james beard award as the most outstanding restaurant for quality and excellent food. it has been in business nearly 20 years. first lady michelle obama had dinner there during her visit in february of the year. also, daniel patterson of coy brought home a regional award for outstanding chef. congratulations. >> yes. >> coming up next, they sit and stay. they save lives >> a fascinating hook at service dogs now being trained to help people with diabetes.
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we'll be right back here.
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thank you! thank you! dedicated bankers born to go the extra mile. you've been such a big help. it's what i like to do. so you can choose a bank where helping people comes first. chase. so you can. service dogs have been helping the disabled for tech
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yadz, now there is a group helping dogs help patients manage a potentially dangerous disease. >> tell me what i'm going to, give me 5.7 units of inlynn. >> as a diabetic suzy powers has to stay aware of blood sugar and food intake. she's hoping a new coach will be able to help. he's a black lab by the name of laser who can sense changes in the bloodstream. >> good boy. >> throughout the day sugars going up ask down. he will let me know when it's starting to trend down. >> laser was trained by a unique nonprofit known as dogs for diabetics. at their center service dogs are taught to recognize chemical changes in the per speration of diabetics.
6:39 pm
in this drill, jessa is looking for gauze from diabetic was low blood sugar. they sense the onset of the low blood sugar they can raise a signal flag attached to their collar. >> good. >> the trainer says the dogs can often recognize a potentially dangerous pattern earlier than a glucose monitor >> low blood sugars can be debilitating for diabetics. confusion, acting like they're drunk. can prove loss of consciousness. so these dogs can sometimes warn them 30 minutes in advance. >> my sugar dropping. good boy. >> the doctor battled diabetes, saying he's become lessens tiff over the years. >> if i'm driving and he alerts me, then, i'll pull over and check. and then, i have food in the car so i can eat. he will not let me get in the car if i've dropped.
6:40 pm
he also works with dogs such as guide dogs for the blind. the founder helped pioneer training which runs upwards of $40,000 per dog. >> ouring tos are not fee based to our clients. our clients come to us te do not pay a fee to receive our dogs. >> suzy hopes a new relationship will be life changing. >> part of it is the companionship the love that a dog gives you. then, he's a working dog. that is making my life better. >> now, donations help cover the training costs we have a link for you >> impressive. coming up next, challenges becoming an inventor. michael finney shows what it takes to get your ideas to market. and a big red flag that you need to look out for. stay with us.
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future", hollywood has given them an identity. >> you spoken with inventor was very big news >> i love shark tank. >> yes. >> inventors saying for every problem there is a solution. and there is potential to make serious cash. >> from the spill proof and kid proof gyro bowl, tooth. >> this is a superior way to deliver audio. >> to flip and sit pillow doubling as a beer can or remote holder. >> you always know where it is. >> inventors have come up with solutions for many nagging
6:45 pm
annoyances. lous is with a company taking your ideas and turns them into products >> aaron klein is an inventor based in san francisco, dreams of striking it rich with the next big invention he thought this baby soother might be it. >> just sits on the crib and plays music. and also shines little images from the top thing here. >> he invented the mechanism enabling fisher price to project images at an affordable price but it didn't sell as well as helped and now out of production. reality is that most don't make money. bill sidel runs a company america invents based in sebastapol. >> one in a thousand make it.
6:46 pm
>> he said best inventors prioritize ideas evaluate market and determine if there is a demand for the product. >> you need to attack the most lucrative first one going to be the biggest success, first. they can market themselves or sell to another company >> requires engineering and industrial design. have you to do prototypes and file patents. >> both run company that's can help you do that. these are products america invents has taken to market. you can pay a fee or give them a cut of the profits. >> first thing is that the market is the final judge. so a great idea might be a great idea in your mind but not resryly translate lait to success in the marketplace. >> edison nation works on contingency you won't have to spend a dime. just come up with the idea. >> we're able to do is take that risk away.
6:47 pm
it's our capitol, our resources. and if we're successful, you benefit financially. >> unfortunately, the bbb tells us the invention industry is fertile ground for conartists. >> so if you've got someone telling you man, it's the greatest thing since sliced bread you're going to hit a home run this, is great, you probably need to hang up on that guy. >> keep your eyes and ears open. and one may help you strike it rich. maybe if crowd source a source for making fermented products or his blue topaz wearable blue tooth or edison nation's hot hues hair chalk. adding temporary color to hair. >> you can make thousands, millions of dollars. >> if you're smart about what you do, you ought to go for it. shark tank airs friday night at 9:00 here on abc7 news.
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>> it's fun. you and i have three inventions per week. >> yes. >> i can attest to that. >> we've got sunny skies right now and m showers, sunny, dry near the coast. and l.a. 70. highs from 60s on the coast to low 70s around the bay. to mid and upper seven #s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. mother's day going to be sunny, warm. mid-60s on the coast. monday, tuesday, highs rising into 90s the low 90s. so it's going to be warm and toasty. >> it will be. >> we're following breaking news
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in the south bay now. mountain view police are evacuating a park after someone spotted a mountain lion. >> officers do tell us the mountain lion had a tracking collar on it. we'll keep you posted on this. >> so they're wanting to do that before. well, on to sports now. >> yes. >> mark jackson turned warriors into a hot team. that is next in sports.
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mark jackson took the warriors from nba door mat and the owner has a goal, win a championship he didn't think jackson could get the warriors there and didn't want continuing personal friction going on for years this, shot is the picture of the day. game one series and after a
6:53 pm
golden state turnover the staff needed to make changes to his coaching staff and offense and increasingly uncomfortable to jackson pushing back. so now, they're going to take a step back. warriors know they're going to take a significant hit and realize the man replacing mark jackson had better be the right guy. >> it wasn't friction or one thing. it was what is the best thing for us to do moving forward. with winning in mind and not look back. that is good success here. we feel like this is the best decision. every decision is towards improving. >> the owner said this, mark
6:54 pm
jackson had a big impact on improvement of the team and success over last couple years. we must make difficult decisions of the club and this would qualify. jackson tweeted this, thanks to my players. i love you. wish you all nothing but the best. and so now, who replaces mark jackson? steve kerr top candidate now. he's a west coast guy. a daughter at cal. holins has experience, but similar to jackson grizryes fired him. he took pathic to the finals.
6:55 pm
lots more on this story as it plays out. sea forked kevin durant beat out lebron james. steph curry sixth in the voting. various nick names. the slim reaper which he doesn't like. had a streak of 41 games this season for 25 or more points tonight game one, lebron james, 22 in this contest. chris botch 107-76.
6:56 pm
then, nate thurman, the hall of famer will be with you around kl. we'll delve into the mark jack sn situation. giants and pirates drives deep to right he's heading for home. kind of a little league home run play. then, they review it. good night, game over. and that is the use of instant replay. >> it was close but unfortunate hi for the giants. >> you're right. it's a gutsy decision they made. >> another good rp to indulge in a morning ritual.
6:57 pm
a benefit for coffee drinkers at 9:00 >> we've felt it. kit make every day tasks excruciating. treatments that are helping some people bounce back from back pain. >> that is this edition for abc7 news at 6:00. thanks for being here. >> from the entire abc news team have a great evening.
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thank you! thank you! dedicated bankers born to go the extra mile. you've been such a big help. it's what i like to do. so you can choose a bank where helping people comes first. chase. so you can.
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this is the "jeopardy!" battle of the decades. introducing today's former champions -- representing the 2000s, he became a dad since he last appeared on "jeopardy!" and says preparing for the show was a little different this time around. from fort collins, colorado, here's... from the 1990s, she believes her victory in the "jeopardy!" college championship got her a job on a presidential campaign. from princeton, new jersey, please welcome... and, from the 1980s, he always kidded with his wife that he needed to stay current in case "jeopardy!" called him again. from torrance, california, please welcome. and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" --
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alex trebek! [ applause ] thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen and welcome aboard. the battle of the decades is being conducted under the same rules as all of our tournaments. the five winners in these quarterfinal games this week get to come back next week as semifinalists along with the four highest scorers among non-winners. russ, pam, and tom, good to see you again and good luck. here we go. let's take a look at the categories. we will show you the name in greek. and we'll also give you a clue. we'll deal with things... alex: tom, off you go. on the map for $600. tom.


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